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Opening to Love: A Day LONG IMMERSION

Practice deepening your authentic communication, your ability to give and recieve love, and to experience intimacy in everyday life. 

The day long workshop offers a chance for participants to go deeper, interact with one another, and explore the realms of Sacred Theater.

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Mackensie Satya Pria Grant

Mackensie’s teaching has been called poetic, potent and precise. Having been engaged in the practices of Yoga and meditation for over 20 years, her passion for helping people find their most natural alignment in body mind and heart is what keeps her students coming back. Her classes are breath-guided with a focus on physical alignment, helping to create a deeper sense of freedom. Once we are aligned physically and spiritually, not only do we feel better, we live more and more in the flow of grace. She is a student always and continues to bring her own discoveries and learning to class making for a fresh class every time. All levels welcome all the time.

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Sam Peret

BIO coming soon!