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Tantra Seminar-Immersion ​"Three White Horses"


Meet your Presenter: Nikolay Amiel Trzhascal

Nikolay is a psychologist, programmer, teacher of Tantra and Tantra coach. He has been practicing Tantra for 12 years, including 5 years of extensive use of tantric techniques in individual and couple coaching practice. For the last three years, he has been conducting seminars and group sessions, where he teaches practices of consciousness expansion through deepening awareness on the basis of an integrated approach. Nikolay is a co-founder of the Moscow International Festival of practices of Tantra and Tantra Healing HEATON.

Tentative Agenda:

Saturday, December 29 
06:00 pm Opening of the retreat. Meet and Greet
06:30 pm The practice  of chakra breathing. Dynamic meditation 
07:30 pm Meditative dinner. Tantric practice of eating 
09:00 pm Pygmalion. Practice of conscious touch
10:00 pm Evening Meditation Peace. Mantra OM
10:45 pm End of the evening program 

Sunday, December 30 
08:30 am Breakfast 
09:15 am Sharing 
09:30 am Morning meditation Shamatha and Vipassana. 
10:00 am Dynamic meditation Kundalini 
11:30 am My sweet and tender beast. Shamanic and tantric practice. 
01:00 pm Lunch 
02:00 pm Practice of conscious touch - 2 
04:00 pm Nadabrahma and Circle of Light. The practice of harmonizing male and female energies
05:30 pm The final practice 
06:00 pm Sharing 
06:30 pm Closing Retreat