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Communitas! Ringing in 2019 with Joyful Togetherness!


A strong sense of solidarity and bonding that develops among people experiencing a ritual, rite of passage, or other transitional state together.

Under the light of the waning moon
We gather
Hearts filled with dreams of possibility
Arms ready to lay down the burdens
They've held so carefully this year
To make room for wishes held in cupped hands
Whispered in quiet moments.
Barefoot twirling
We celebrate the blessings of all that kissed our lives
In ecstatic movement
Until with glasses held high
Hearts beaming
We share in that magical moment
Of an ending
And a beginning
All at once.
Poem by Ankati Day

Join the Shilo Farm community to bring in the new year with intention, joy, connection, movement, and togetherness. We will collaboratively create an experience that has room for all - nourishing every part of you, from the wild dancer to the quiet soul craving time in silence by the fire.

- 8:00 pm Opening Circle. All participants are expected to partake in the opening circle to create our sacred container for the night. We will share in a cacao ceremony lead by John Cole to warm our hearts and open the evening!
- Flow time until 11pm! Wander and choose from:

  • Ecstatic Dance, facilitated by Ankati Day

  • Collaborative Art PROJECT

  • Oracle cards and reflection at the altar

  • Chill spaces for socializing in the main house

  • And more!

    11:00 pm Lighting of the Fire, the Transition Begins... We will come together just before midnight in the Barn to raise a glass of Amylyn's herbal elixir & eat cupcakes, and Jonas will lead us through a community sharing to welcome 2019. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Because we are invoking the power of shared ritual, you are requested to stay on property through the collective transition into 2019 (unless bed is calling). If you prefer to party hop, we understand- but this isn't the event for you :)

    Bring your own supplies! 
    - Clothing for both dancing and spending time at the fire outside, an item for the altar, a snack to share, and anything else you may need. If you have an oracle deck you'd like to share on the altar, bring that too! 
    - We ask for a donation of $15 to cover our costs for the evening, cash or Venmo.

    - Please respect the ticketing system and don't bring extra people that haven't registered!
    - Since we are creating a collective container with the intention of staying in community through the night, the structure is not set up to accommodate young children.
    - Shasta Dog is the queen of the property and doesn't take kindly to furry visitors, so please leave your fur children at home.