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Consulting for Change-Authentic Communication



This is the third workshop in the Consulting for Change series hosted by Allgood Eats Local LLC. This workshop series is designed to provide training, foundation, and support for individuals who are looking to become consultants, specifically with a focus on social change and sustainability.

Participants will receive: 

  • Hours of interactive instruction on public relations and communicating your message  

  • Delicious farm fresh lunch provided by Shilo Farm

  • Handbook with guidance on promoting your business, best practices for social and news media, and outreach to potential clients or organizations

  • Access to a private Facebook Group where attendees can stay connected and offer peer support to one another

  • 30 minute follow-up coaching call with Erin 

This the last of the workshops in the Consulting for Change series. Stay tuned as more workshops from Allgood Eats Local will be announced soon! 

In order to make these workshops acccessible to anyone who is interested in attending, I am offering two different options: a) pay in installments, or b) barter other services or goods. Please contact Erin at to discuss further. 


Food has served me in many different ways. For me, food has been a means of academic inquiry, a foundation on which I could understand my community and my environment, and a space to pursue positive social change. Of course, food has also nourished me on a daily basis, from ginger ale and saltines when I’ve been sick, to the home cooked meal a friend has lovingly crafted, to a restaurant meal that highlights local food. Food is both universal and cultural – everyone has a need to eat, but we all have different relationships to food.

My professional journey into food systems started in 2007 when I began my graduate study in nutritional sciences; however, a deeper look into my history would show my love of food from a young age and my mother’s influence as a restaurant owner, caterer, and personal chef as being important building blocks.

After completing my Master’s degree in 2009, it took a few years and a couple of jobs that didn’t speak to my soul before I finally and fully transitioned into food systems as a career. In 2013, I completed a certificate in Leadership for Sustainable Food Systems through the University of Vermont (UVM). The week that I spent on campus, surrounded by other passionate food activists, gave me the final impetus to launch Allgood Eats Local. I knew that finally I had to dedicate my time and energy to the sustainable food movement. I loved my experience in Vermont so much that I completed another certificate program in the summer of 2014 in Sustainable Business, also through UVM.

Over the last few years, Allgood Eats Local has gone from a part-time side gig to a full-fledged consulting agency. With every project, I have deepened my understanding of the food system and facilitated positive impact within the communities or organizations I am working alongside.

I am concurrently working as a consultant and pursuing a second Master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability through UVM and will graduate in 2018. This program has been an eye-opening experience and provided an entry point for pondering deeper questions on the intersection of social justice and the food system. These themes will show up in the projects that I take on for Allgood Eats Local and in the thoughts that I share on the blog.

In my free time, I help support my partner’s business, Embers Bakery, and the many other wonderful organizations that make my community so vibrant – specifically, Seacoast Eat Local, Slow Food Seacoast, and the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, to name a few. When I really have downtime, I love to get outdoors for a run or visit a local nano-brewery for a pint.

If you are interested in learning more about my professional background, please check out my LinkedIn profile.