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Meditation & Healing Circle by Donation


Who will be your guides?        

Kara Breese is a Doctor of Metaphysics and Healing Mh.D, and has trained extensively invarious forms of energy healing and clearing for people, animals and land. Her passion is to
inspire people to connect to their true essence and to understand their power, complexityand sacred nature. 
Angie Catanzaro is a Reiki Master, Movement teacher and empathic soul. She holds space for deep healing and integrates her studies of herbalism and her deep reverence for nature in all she does.
Megan Sharples is an experienced Reiki and intuitive healer and a teacher in all forms. She is a supreme guide to carry each soul she encounters to a new level of being, bringing them clarity and deep healing.
Shelly Grande is a Reiki Master, yoga and movement teacher, Ayurvedic Body Worker and creator of sacred Malas. She brings her boundless passion for life to all of her teachings and awakens true healing and purification in her students through deep and empathic
Karly Nihal is a Reiki II healer, yoga teacher and Yoga therapist. She is interested in how all forms of spirituality and deeper connection can create healing and hold space for the sacred flow of love in all.

What to Bring:

Please bring a yoga mat. You may also want to bring a blanket, water, pillow and anything else you may need to be comfortable and cozy.


Where will the proceeds be donated?

Live & Let Live Farm, Chichester, NH

Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. is an animal shelter that rescues abused and unwanted animals, mainly horses, and provides them either a temporary or permanent safe place to interact with people. When applicable, we will try to find appropriate homes for rehabilitated animals. Those animals that are considered unadoptable will be given lifetime care at our farm.

About the Farm:

Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. was formed in 1996, and incorporated as a 501c3 charitable nonprofit foundation in 2002. Starting with just four horses, the farm has expanded to over 60 horses along with many other species of animals. The facilities has grown to three barns, an indoor rehabilitation center (The Complete Body Rehabilitation Center), four round pens, a series of corrals with run-in shelters and an outdoor riding ring.

The Live and Let Live Farm, Inc. provides a safe environment for animals and people to interact. Through a network of volunteers (which forms a huge family of our own ''with a remarkable sense of kinship"), along with co-owner and sponsorship programs, people learn humane education and horsemanship while caring for and rehabilitating horses.

We work with school districts (such as Chichester and Epsom), nonviolent prison rehabilitation programs, youth groups and other programs (such as the "Eagala" program) to implement programs that will give people an opportunity to work with horses that they wouldn't normally have. The benefits of building relationships with horses and people include physical, emotional and mental aspects that have been well documented and can lead both animals and people to having more productive lives.