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Spring Renewal Yoga Day Retreat

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Spring is in the air, a time of renewal and rejuvenation! Join us for a day of insightful teachings on Yoga, meditation, breath work, incredible vegan fare, a cooking class, Kirtan (Yogi music) and more!

Day Schedule

10:00am Sat Manav Yoga Intensive

“Enhancing Life for the Benefit of all Beings”


Highlighting asanas (postures) of release and reversal, and pranayams (breathing techniques), this intensive goes beyond the conventional into the heart of Yoga and its life enhancing benefits.

12:00pm Amazing Vegan Yogi Lunch

Straight from the ashram Kitchen Sunyata Shyam will be bringing her years of knowledge in healing foods that nurture the body and satiate the taste buds. Lunch will be a combination of raw and cooked foods inspired by the Yogic traditions of India. Please let us know any allergies etc. prior to arriving.

1:00pm Philosophy Discourse "Yoga: Live a Fulfilled Life"

How Yoga is the means and the method to discovering the joy we all seek.

This engaging talk lead by Bhagavan Das (Shug) will start with the rich and rooted background of traditional Yoga, focusing on its fundamental principles, and how we can all benefit from these timeless teachings. Open discussion time and question opportunities built into the end of the presentation.

2:30pm Vegan Cooking Class

Join us to learn how to make traditional Israeli Hummus and vegan cheese!

4:00pm Pranayama Class "Extend the Life-force through Yogic Breathing"

5:30pm Dinner: Vegan cheese, hummus, raw veggies and Yogi made bread! A meal that is as good for you as it tastes! After eating with the Yogis of Sat Manav you will know first hand that it is possible to eat a "healthy diet" that you thoroughly enjoy!

7:00pm Shiva Lila Kirtan~Live Yogi Music

Tickets can be purchased separately if you are not attending the day retreat. $15.

Profits support our nonprofit dedicated to benefiting all beings through Yoga!

Thank you!


Possibly the most rowdy, yet invigorating spiritual chanting you will ever experience... Straight from the mountains of their Yogi hermitage ... these Yogis rock !!! Kirtan is a call and response chanting in the Sanskrit language. When offered with de votion it is an outer expression of Nada Yoga - The inner sound of or true nature. Accompanied by dynamic hand percussion this is a musical experience like no other. Heart Expanding and Mind opening... Don’t miss this grand finale of the day!

Tickets for KIrtan can be purchased separately if you are not attending the day retreat

Ticket Price $15 at the doors

Earlier Event: April 5
Later Event: April 6
Shiva Lila Kirtan