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Essential Oils & Restorative Yoga :: Journey through the Chakras

  • Shilo Farm, LLC 88 Beech Road Eliot United States (map)
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Gina and Stacey will share the basics of each Chakra, as well as cover which oils will help keep your Chakras in balance so that you can naturally maintain health and vitality. They will be passing the bottles around for you to apply yourself and go home feeling wonderful!

During your time together, they will dig deep into how dōTERRA® will help you balance your chakras so that you can experience more out of life. Gina is excited to share with you how much these gifts of the earth have helped her, her family and 1000's of others. 



Gina DellaPasqua is a dance instructor, outdoor enthusiast, avid gardener, and essential oil expert. Raised in Southern Maine and seasoned by six years of off-grid living in Maui, she has been a doTERRA Wellness Advocate since 2014, when she fell in love with the amazing power of their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and the science-based approach the company uses. She teaches classes across the country on the benefits of essential oil use. Gina believes these natural solutions are a great tool in the toolbox of life. They promote overall wellness and they connect us deeply with one another, our environment, and ourselves.


Stacey Sargent is a mom, yoga teacher, meditation coach, energy healer and lover of essential oils. She has been teaching yoga on the Seacoast for 7 years and just recently opened her own healing practice, Inner Presence Healing, in Greenland, NH.  She loves helping people learn how to slow down and connect more deeply to themselves and their own intuitive wisdom through the practices that have helped her remember the truth of who she is. She also recently became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and is loving incorporating essential oils into her life and the lives of the people she works with. 


The best place to begin is by stating a chakra is an unexplainable feeling. 

For instance, that moment when your stomach feels filled with butterflies, or when you feel all choked up, or when nothing comes out of your mouth, or when the excitement you might feel pounds in your chest. These feelings are experiences of energy (Chakras).

Think about what those times in life were and how you felt:
* The first moment you held your child.
* Seeing your parents still holding hands while walking down the street.
* Your first kiss.
* Standing up in front of an audience or group of people.
*The loss of a loved one

And the best part is…

THERE IS AN OIL FOR EACH CENTER!!! Well, there are many, but Gina will be working with the ones that she has had the greatest support with.

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