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Shamanic Journeying Workshop


The Drum is the currier between our Heart beat and that of Mother

Earth. It carries an individual into the worlds within themselves

revealing the connection to their own truth. You will learn what a Power

Animal/Totem is and why it may change. You will discover answers to

questions through your personal Journey process.

Please consider an intent for your Journey; this will open the pathway

for your answer. It is recommended to bring something to cover your

eyes so that you may see more clearly with your inner vision. If

comfortable lying on the floor there are mats and blankets available or

you may bring your own. Please wear comfortable clothing and you may

want to bring a note pad. I very much look forward to sharing this

experience with each and every one of you.

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Rachel Leah has been following her Soul path since childhood. Her

teachers have been numerous both on the inner planes and the outer.

Rachel has authored a book on the death process: SAFNAH Death Birth

Threshold The Conscious Movement into the Life Beyond and has

produced a CD of Journey Drumming with tutorial. The Red Road as a

Shamanic path has unfolded before her; each individual has their path

chosen before birth. It is her great honor to assist individuals establish a

firm footing on their journey.

"We live in a multidimensional world containing many realities. It is possible to access those realities through the journey. The pathways of this life – our journey walk – are the questions we ask, defining the goals and creating the Way. There is no difference between the inner journey and the outer journey – only our individual participation. We become a co-creator by asking the question, listening, and surrendering to the guidance from within – trusting Spirit." — Rachel Leah

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