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Forest Therapy & Yoga

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Experience the forest in a whole new way! Join Kelsea Anderson for a day of nature immersion designed to deepen our intimacy with the natural world through the opening of the senses, all while receiving the scientifically proven physical and emotional healing benefits that the outdoors offers. Two forest therapy walks in the Maine woods will be woven together with a restorative yoga session in between, encouraging renewal and rest in the beautiful Community Barn.

Participants will learn tools to create their own personal practice to reclaim and deepen their relationship with the land, as we slow down and step into the more than human world. This dynamic experience will close by rounding out the day’s adventure by gathering around the earthly element of fire.

Gourmet lunch included at Shilo farm.

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Kelsea Anderson is a certified forest & nature therapy guide and yoga instructor. Coming from a lineage of farmers and fishermen, from a young age Kelsea cultivated an intimate relationship with the land and ocean. With her unique ability to open the doors to the wild, Kelsea leads forest and nature therapy experiences in a variety of natural settings around the world, providing clients with deep nature healing experiences.