Shilo Farm is is dedicated to creating a sanctuary for community to thrive.

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by donation

The Meditation and Healing Circle by Donation is a charitable group healing experience with all proceeds benefiting a local organization helping to serve the community.

Each session begins with a group meditation to center and ground us and call-and-response chanting, followed by group and individual healing sessions and ending with a sound healing Gong bath. Each attendee will receive individual energy healing from certified Reiki and Intuitive Healing practitioners.

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The William Fogg Library was established in 1907 for the residents of Eliot by a trust from Dr. John S. H. Fogg in memory of his father, William Fogg. At that time few public libraries existed in southern Maine. The Kittery Social Library was a privately funded institution used only by its members. William Fogg belonged to the Kittery Social Library, and believing in the importance of education for the citizens of Eliot, he sponsored a Social Library in Eliot. This was located at his home on Old Road (now the Fogg Homestead near the William Fogg Library). To honor his father’s love of education, learning, and the people of Eliot, Dr. John Fogg left a trust including land, the family homestead, and funds to provide a library for the residents of Eliot.

The William Fogg Library is a centerpiece to the Eliot Community and is the commmunity center of Eliot through the provision of Adult & Children Programs & Activities.

Like most non-profit organizations, the William Fogg Library is in need of financial assistance for many different items and projects. Thank you for supporting it’s history and it’s mission.


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