Shilo Farm is is dedicated to creating a sanctuary for community to thrive.

Yoga & Daily Wellness Classes


Yoga & daily Wellness


Come and experience daily classes in the Community Barn through the seasons. Feel the warmth of radiant floors & a crackling fire in the winter. Feel the cool breeze through an open window and ceiling fan in the summer and hear the sounds of the chickens and goats below.  Every window perfectly frames the nature that surrounds us.  Come and experience this sacred space.



We offer between ten & twelve YOGA & Meditation Classes weekly. Come and experience class with our team of seasoned teachers in the most beautiful studio in the Seacoast. You can learn more about the teachers on the Meet the Community page.


Tai Chi

Tai-Chi is a Chinese martial arts system of slow meditative movements, disciplined postures and techniques designed with the practice of relaxation. It’s commonly known to physically recover balance, control anxiety and maintain excellent health. The true title of this practice is Tai-Chi Chuan”. Its literal definition is; “Superior-Ultimate Shadow Boxing”, a Taoist Martial Arts defense practice of mindful movements centered on the theory of Yin-Yang and duly cultivating Qi – bioelectric energy.



Come join us for Community Ping Pong Nights on Monday night from 7:15-9:00pm.  We have two tables; one for RECREATIONAL Play and one for the COMPETITIVE folks out there. 

Stay tuned for a Ping Pong Tournament in the future!