Shilo Farm is is dedicated to creating a sanctuary for community to thrive.
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Shilo farm

is dedicated to creating a sanctuary for

community to grow…


About shilo farm

OUR MISSION: Shilo Farm is dedicated to creating a sanctuary for community to thrive. 

Over the years, as Shilo Farm has grown, we have been blessed to see how powerfully community heals, nourishes and enlivens everything and everyone it touches.   

As we increasingly witnessed this magic being created here, we began looking for ways we could make community connection at Shilo Farm a more integral part of people’s lives… more easy to access, more enticing, and more fluidly weaving within our modern lives’ work, rest and play.

 We see it providing you with your community and self care needs, be it a daily dose of connection, a weekly offering of discovery, a seasonal ritual of abundance, and/or a forever opportunity for collaboration and celebration. 

To truly manifest this vision, our programming must be intentionally crafted by the desires, needs and values of those of you who MOST want to take part and are MOST invested in the growth of our mission to create a thriving connected community.  

 Our offerings must speak directly to you and your desires to be meaningful.  We will succeed when you feel LUCKY to have Shilo in your life, and you want to spend your precious time, energy and resources cultivating your involvement and growth here with us.  

We have therefore decided to begin by offering Memberships, something like a CSA for farming, but instead a “CSC: Community Supported Community!” 

 Everyone will always be able to drop in and enjoy our offerings a-la-carte and on special occasions… but you as a Shilo Farm “CSC” Member will be able to both, get discounts on everything happening here AND co-create our growth by giving your input and ideas into the very events, offerings and programs that you desire in your life.

OUR VISION: Our vision began in 2012 with an impulse to listen with all of our senses, to what this private, wooded 6 acre parcel 4 miles from historic Portsmouth, NH desired to become.

We started with monthly community fires, potlucks and seasonal celebrations and are now offering daily health centric community classes (including yoga, tai chi, meditation, & of course ping pong!), unique workshops & retreats for conscious living, as well as lodging for travelers.  We are most inspired when we witness connections being made, visions being birthed and opportunities created. And thus, a community center was born that would be the fertile ground for gathering community and sharing in all our amazing gifts.  

CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER PHILOSOPHY: We are also a micro farm/homestead that cultivates medicinal plants, herbs and food following permaculture principles of land management. Elderberries are our specialty.  We have a small, but growing herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats; with the goal of making goat cheese, offering raw goat milk and soap. We raise organic and free range heritage breed chickens for their eggs and have two rescue cats and a 125 pound Livestock Guardian dog called Shasta.  Our property consists of 6 acres of woodland and edible gardens landscapes. We are located in Eliot Maine and are a mere four miles from Historic Portsmouth, NH. Come and pay us a visit!

FOR YOU: The opportunities might vary from personal to professional but it’s here, available and we want to share the richness.


About Amylyn and Jonas Zev

Together Amylyn and Jonas love to bring people together in a creative and nurturing way.  Their home has been a hub for monthly community fires, a retreat for yoga and healing workshops, and community events and potlucks.  They envision growing Shilo Farm into a place where friends, family and strangers alike can gather and share in yoga, music, food, and meaningful conversation.  Our vision is always growing and we hope you can come and visit and be a part of our creative process!