Shilo Farm is is dedicated to creating a sanctuary for community to thrive.




Sean Dominic Kramer painted this large Sri Yantra on the Shilo Community Barn as an offering to the visual landscape of Shilo Farm.


The inspiration came to Jonas Zev and Amylyn Amberger to have a Sri Yantra painted on the door of their Community Barn.  They have already made their barn, and their whole property, at Shilo Farm into a sacred space.  The barn houses a beautiful common area for meditation, yoga, ping-pong, and a variety of classes.  Shilo Farm is also a place for visitors to stay in peaceful rooms for BnB getaways or retreat.  Jonas and Amylyn are transforming their land into a place for the surrounding community and guests from afar to be with nature and fellow humans in creative and healing and loving ways.  They felt that the ancient symbolism of the Sri Yantra would be a suitable portal for those entering this place of blessed energy.


 The Seacoast community building our first Cob Oven. All materals, sans the fire brick & construction sand (for the mold) were harvested from the property. The foundation was created from found stones and dry fit to create a solid base. The clay was harvested from tree wells in the back woods. Mixed with sand and chopped hay, we created the dual wall system. Since it's creation 3 years ago, it has made over 500 pizzas and nourished the commuity on a multitude of levels.

Stay tuned for the rebuild. Coming this Spring, we will be rebuilding the oven, as it is showing signs of wear.


LOVEGRASS at the Shilo Community Barn is a celebration of LOVE & MUSIC.This was a special sunset show featuring OLD HAT Stringband (Whitney & Steve Roy), Harvey Reid & Joyce Anderson and Darlin' Corey (Matt Shipman & Erica Brown). Featured in this video are husband & wife duo, Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen. They took us on a whirlwind tour of American music, with down-home bluegrass, gospel, razor-sharp duet harmonies, dazzling fiddle tunes and guitar instrumentals.

Muddy Ruckus live recording "The Stone" for the NPR Tiny Desk Sessions. Starring Ryan Flaherty on guitar & vocals, Erika Stahl on vocals, Olaf the Punk Rock Goat & Matilda the Hen.


KB Whirly, aka Keith Wasserman doing what he does best with improvisational singing & jammin' on his guitar....


Friends Forever. Ugandan group comes to Shilo Farm for an afternoon and evening of pizza, goats and music.

Friends Forever empowers youth leaders to connect, strengthen, and serve communities around the globe by combining their passion to make the world a better place with the skills, experiences, and resources required to do so.